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Restorative Treatments


This is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, tooth root, and surrounding tissues and in the associated practice of root canal therapy.

The pulp may become infected for many reasons but it is usually as a result of trauma to the tooth or bacteria entering the chamber through neglected dental decay. It may also become infected as a consequence of periodontal disease, where bacteria from infected gums, penetrates the accessory canals at the surface of the root. Once the pulp becomes injured or diseased it will die. If the pulp is not removed, the tooth will become infected and severe toothache may develop. Root canal therapy involves opening a tooth to gain access to the diseased pulp, removing the pulp from each canal, cleaning the canal and filling it.

To Clarify. endodontic treatment means that the tooth does not have to be removed. It can remain in the mouth but is treated in such a way that the inside of the tooth is dead and sealed but the surrounding tissues are healthy.

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