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Orthodontics is the correction of crooked and crowded teeth

You don’t have to live with crooked teeth if you don’t want to; there is a common misconception as to the cause of crooked or crowded teeth. Many believe it is due to having too many teeth or extra teeth, but in reality, the reason is that there is not enough room for the normal number of teeth to fit naturally.

In most cases it is not understood why jaws do not grow big enough to accommodate all the teeth. Another misconception concerns how to correct crooked or over crowded teeth; requiring the removal or extraction of teeth to create space in the mouth is also not true.

There are multiple treatments available for adults and children who wish to improve their smile. Treatment plans have been developed for patients which can radically improve their smile while taking into account their lifestyle, budget & dental health. If you have crooked teeth and are keen to improve them, there are ways other than wearing braces.

Adult Treatments

We provide a range of treatments for straightening misaligned or over crowded teeth for adults. These include removable braces; Nickel-Titanium wire braces; nearly invisible braces (clear aligners e.g. www.smiletru.com) and fixed braces with thermally active Nickel-Titanium arch wires. Veneers may also be used to mask or hide crooked teeth Treatment plans require careful consideration and can be worked into busy lifestyles & budgets.

It is important to remember that you don’t have to live with crooked teeth if you don’t want to; we would be delighted to discuss any of the above treatments to create a healthy natural smile for you and your family without any obligation.

More information on orthopaedic development can be found at the following sites:



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