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General Treatments


Suzanne Lawlor RDH Dental HygienistThe dental hygienist carries out preventive treatments under the instruction of the dentist and is concerned with providing patients with treatment to improve their periodontal condition. The initial appointment with a hygienist involves a periodontal assessment to identify a patient's oral health. This includes an examination of the periodontal condition by visual observation of the health of the gums, checking for the presence of plaque and calculus, recording the depth of any periodontal pocket and extent of recession, checking for bleeding and suppuration.

Scale & Polish

The most common procedure performed by a hygienist is the scale and polish which involves the removal of the sticky plaque that builds up on teeth and the hardened version called calculus. Scaling can be done with either a hand scaler and/or an ultrasonic scaler. After the plaque has been removed the teeth are polished using a dental paste. In cases of more advanced periodontal disease the hygienist may perform sub-gingival scaling which involves removal of calculus along the full length of the root.

Flouride Treatment

The hygienist can also perform a variety of preventive treatments to protect a patient's oral health. Flouride treatment can be used to strengthen the enamel, decrease sensitivity and improve the periodontal condition. Protective coatings can be applied to decrease sensitivity to hot and cold. Fissure sealants can be applied to the biting surface of the posterior teeth to protect it against decay. Various medicaments may be used to irrigate pockets in the gum to eliminate bacteria.

Brushing & Flossing 

Patients will be given oral instruction to show the correct method of brushing and flossing. Advice may be given on oral hygiene products that the patient can use at home. The hygienist is very happy to answer your questions that you may have about any of our hygiene treatments or your oral health. 

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