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Orthodontics is the correction of crooked and crowded teeth

CrossbiteIdeally, the teeth in the upper jaw should slightly overlap the teeth in the lower jaw. When this doesn’t happen this is referred to as a crossbite (one or more teeth can be in crossbite and it may occur in the front or the back of the mouth). The crossbite can be dental or skeletal. A dental crossbite can be corrected by moving the tooth/teeth over the bite. A skeletal crossbite is due to the upper jaw being smaller than the lower jaw. The solution here is to develop the upper so that it is bigger than the lower jaw.

Treatment of CrossbiteIf either crossbite is left uncorrected it will nearly always lead to a deviation in the closing path of the lower jaw which may lead to problems with the jaw joints. The solution is to correct the crossbite with a dental brace or dental elastics which will gently correct the underlying cause of the crossbite. This can be done at any age but the younger the patient, the quicker the treatment.

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