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Children's Treatments

We strongly believe that caring for children's teeth and teaching them good oral health habits early on is vital. Even if your child still only has baby teeth, the way in which they are cared for can affect the health of their permanent adult teeth.

A baby is not born with a sweet tooth. We believe it is important to emphasise the importance of diet in the control and prevention of decay. We often suggest children fill out diet sheets in order to help the child and their parents understand what foodstuffs are beneficial to their dentition and contrastingly the foodstuffs that may be detrimental. Fewer holes in baby teeth normally mean fewer holes in adult teeth.

Other ways of helping to keep your child's teeth healthy are fissure sealants, which help prevent decay in vulnerable back teeth. We also have a range of protective sports mouth guards for youngsters involved in contact sports.

At lydendental we strongly believe that prevention is the best policy for your child to have a happy healthy smile.

The first dental visit for a child can often be one of the most important of their lives; their first dental experience will often affect how they view dentistry and dental treatment as adults. Children who regularly attend a dentist will almost certainly have a much more positive view of dentistry for the rest of their lives and fewer fillings. Early preventive care will protect your child’s teeth and reduce the need for treatment later in life. At lydendental we are happy to carry out a *free examination for your child (under 5) when you are coming in for your check-up.

This will include a thorough examination of the teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy. If you would like to know what to expect at your child’s first dental visit, please click here.

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free child dental check-up for
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At lydendental we are happy to carry out a free examination for your child when you are coming in for your check-up.
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