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Childrens Treatments

Thumb Sucking

One definite known cause of crooked teeth is thumbsucking (or an object habit) and often an associated tongue thrust.

Thumb SuckingThe photo  to the left shows the damage that can be done by Thumbsucking. The earlier this is treated with
tongue exercises and braces the better. This process can be started from the age of 6 yrs old but more routinely from 7 -8 years old. This involves gently developing the size and shape of the upper and lower jaws (dental orthopaedics) in a growing child. Dental orthopaedics will develop the jaws in a natural way, and as the jaws grow, they become the foundation for your child’s adult teeth; allowing room for the adult teeth when they come into the mouth. In many cases no other treatment will be required.

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