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Childrens Treatments

Children's First Visit

What Should I Expect At My Child’s First Dental Visit?

When we meet you and your child for the first time, we spend time establishing a rapport and trying to gain their trust. The key is to build trust and find a level where they can relate to us. We do this by showing your child the equipment in the surgery and chatting about how it all works. We use an “explain, show, & do” technique using non clinical language when explaining what we are going to do i.e. the topical anaesthetic is called a cream to put the tooth asleep. We describe the removal of decay as washing, cleaning or tickling the tooth and the filling as a pack to stop food getting into the hole.

As children tend to have short attention spans, we break treatments up over a couple of visits. They key is listening to your child, encouraging them to engage with us and for them to feel comfortable answering any questions we ask. Essentially we encourage them to take control of their treatment as a young child will often wait for their parent to deal with the situation and this can affect the relationship between your child and our dentist. The reason for us building this relationship is when we are carrying out a treatment, we need them to let us know if they are feeling any discomfort and if they are able for us to continue treatment.

How to prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist

The first thing we say to all parents is your children are really smart and if they hear you talk about a negative dental experience you may have had, they are going to mirror your behaviour. So when you need to bring your child to see a dentist, be mindful of how you describe your dental experiences as it may impact their view.

The second thing we say to all parents is we need to build a rapport with your child before we commence any treatment. When we meet you with your child for the first time, we use an “explain, show, & do” technique using non clinical language when explaining what we are going to do i.e. the topical anesthetic is called a cream to put the tooth asleep.

When we are ready to commence the treatment, we ask that they put their hands on their tummy and breathe through her nose so they can feel their tummy slowly going up and down. This is important. Their tolerance of having work done in their mouth will be better as it creates a distraction and can be practiced at home.

A young child is quite capable of 'acting up' if they do not want to continue treatment. Keeping their hands on their tummy is a good indicator of their emotional maturity to accept treatment. Sometimes we encourage your child to hold the straw (suction tip) to remove any water from their mouth while the other hand is placed on their tummy. While this is going on we keep up a constant chatter to engage their attention, explaining what is happening and giving positive encouragement.

Sometimes it takes a few visits to gain trust and co-operation of your child. With positive affirmation of good behaviour and disapproval of unwanted behaviour usually we can complete treatment.

When Should My Child First Attend a Dentist?

Decay in baby teethDecay in baby teeth

It is well accepted that the earlier a child visits a dentist, the better, we recommend anytime from two onwards. For children under five, we offer a free dental check and suggest you book your child for this check when you are visiting us in lydendental. As they are so young they will have no preconceived ideas of what to expect. We introduce them to the surgery, the chair and the instruments. Our aim is to give your child a ‘feel’ for the surroundings and give them a chance to build up a relationship with us; should they need any treatment in the future, they will know us and how everything works. Going to the dentist should be a fun experience and our aim is ensure your child enjoys their time at lydendental.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. One free dental checkup every year.
  2. Child must be booked at same time as parent.
  3. Maximum two children per accompanying parent.
  4. Children must be under 5yrs of age.


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free child dental check-up for
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At lydendental we are happy to carry out a free examination for your child when you are coming in for your check-up.
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